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ISO 9001:2015

Smit Draad bases its quality policy on five cornerstones:


Customer orientation
Customers mean everything to us so we deliver solutions that meet your requirements. This starts with making agreements based on your needs and ends with fulfilling them to your satisfaction in the highest quality possible.

Process control
Our process control ensures that we can execute an order first-time-right. This is achieved, not by inspection after the event, but by real time quality control of all steps in the production processes. An example of this is the Lear concept, where the surface condition of the enamelled wire is continuously checked. Another example is the automatic 3-D camera system, immediately after the transposing head in the CTC machine, monitoring the transpositions in the CTC. To improve our processes, we apply the 6 sigma method in several black belt and green belt projects.

Training and education
Our training and education program for the operators has two elements. Firstly the apprenticeship system, where a new employee is linked to a master craftsman, to develop a defined set of skills. Secondly the training by experienced engineers based on elaborate manuals. Each training module ends with a theoretical and practical exam and a certificate, if the results are acceptable.

Employee involvement
The management stimulates a culture of open and two-way communication through management style and regular meetings. The management is focused on results, while maintaining a climate of respect and stimulating work pleasure.

Quality assurance
Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1988. Quality assurance guarantees that successful solutions are standardized, as the foundation for further improvement. The implementation of this system is audited regularly by our QA department, Lloyd’s Register and our customers.

Smit Draad ISO 9001:2015


Smit Draad ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015Lloyd’s Register ISO 9001 approval since 1988.
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