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Lean Manufacturing

Smit Draad employs various Lean Manufacturing concepts in order to maintain our competitive price level,. Continuous productivity improvement is an important objective.  We keep improving our processes, listen to our employees and are open for new ideas. We do not accept waste. We make waste visible and implement improvements.

For instance at the CTC machines we continually measure effectiveness (‘OEE’), per shift and per week. Rapid changeover times of the machines have an important influence on effectiveness. That’s why we pay much attention to a smarter machine changeover time by technical and, above all, organisational measures (‘SMED’).

Each employee has a mission to do things the first-time-right, to avoid repairs and material losses. We monitor our scores on all critical parameters, improving our level following the 6 sigma method. At Smit Draad we apply the ‘5 S’ method to maintain a neat and tidy work environment. The motto is: “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.”