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The objective of Smit Draad is not simply to deliver products, but rather to deliver solutions. Together with you we will develop concepts that reduce electrical losses and limit the labour costs related to your winding process, so innovation is a key process for Smit Draad.

Characteristic of this approach is the development of a transposing head to realise shorter CTC pitch lengths. Such a CTC is more flexible, allowing for smaller core dimensions resulting in cost savings.
We developed a simulation model to come to the ideal transposing process. Based on this model a transposing head was developed, which ensures the shortest pitch length within the limitations of copper.

Another example is the use of ‘bond coat lite’. Applying the epoxy varnish mainly to one side of the wire, we reduce the thickness of the epoxy layer.

Finally we would like to mention Improved Cooling CTC. Smit Draad developed various alternatives for the use of paper as the insulation material for CTC to improve the cooling of the windings. For further information please contact us at Smit Draad.