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Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC) up to 85 strands

Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC) is utilized in powertransformers and chokes for reduced losses and low winding cost. For applications in oil-filled transformers the conductors are insulated with polyvinyl acetal based enamel.

Photo: Beesigned.nl  / J. Bardie

If outside these limits please contact us.

Twin CTC

The special cable CTC is our largest product group in volume and turnover. CTC is used together with single or multi paper covered wire in the manufacture of power transformers. We deliver our CTC to all famous transformer companies in the world.

Our CTC in transformers of our customers

Our CTC has excellent winding capabilities We use innovative isolation methods and make very short pitches ! So please ask our advice !

More technical information can be found in the Smit_Draad_Standard_CTC_Specifications.


Ordering data
Whether enquiring or ordering, it is of benefit to both parties to provide our sales department 
with the following data:

  • Total length
  • Number of conductors
  • Thickness of single conductor
  • Width of single conductor
  • Increase due to enamel
  • Thickness and quality of intercolumn spacer
  • Paper quality
  • Increase due to paper covering and tolerance
  • Overall dimensions
  • Winding diameter, minimum
  • Makeup / length per drum
  • Customer technical specification (if available)
  • CTC enquiry (PDF)

In case you have questions or need more information please call or mail our sales team.


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